A glimpse at Pope Francis' mind

It has become commonplace to hear many Catholics saying that Pope Francis is "confusing" or "ambiguous." However, a well-disposed mind and heart will seek to comprehend his teachings. By learning the key aspects of Francis' thought, it becomes easier to better understand what he means.

For the past few years, there have been very few resources online directed at helping those who felt confused. In fact, many Catholic websites only added to this confusion.

In this series, we wish to help you recognize the principles behind Francis' theology, sift through the misinformation being spread about the Holy Father, and also provide convincing explanations for the most notable controversies surrounding his pontificate.

Come join us as we explore the richness underlying Francis' insights and living magisterium.

Understanding Pope Francis - Key Concepts

The first of a potential series of online courses about Pope Francis and his papacy (beta-version)

The Beta Version of "Understanding Pope Francis - Key Concepts" is now available. You may click "Get Started" to view the curriculum and buy it afterward.
Online Course on Understanding Pope Francis Key Concepts

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Included Course Topics

In this online course, you will find, among other topics:

  • The influences shaping Francis' theology

  • The principles guiding Francis' program

  • Pope Francis' views on tradition

  • What Francis means by "indietrism," "mercy," "synodality," and "clericalism"


Pedro Gabriel

Main Instructor

Dr. Pedro Gabriel is a Portuguese Internet journalist, having received a diploma with Honours from the London School of Journalism in 2021. He is currently residing in Portugal with his wife, Claire. He is one of the founders of journalistic webiste The City and the World, and one of the co-founders of the apologetics website Where Peter Is, where he remains as one of its main contributors. He is also an author of "The Orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia (Wipf and Stock, 2022), which recently won First Place in the Pope Francis category at the 2023 Catholic Media Awards. Currently, he is taking classes in moral theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. He is also a medical oncologist, a parish reader, and a published writer of Catholic novels.